Who Are We? The Team Behind Webcam Sites Online

We were frustrated by the process of figuring out which cam sites were legitimate, which were scams, which were good value and which were rip-offs. We figured that the best way to answer those questions was with real user reviews, so we created this site. Our hope is that over time, with this real feedback, it'll be easier to sort through the cam sites which are worth your time and money, and which you should just ignore.

Information and Ratings

We spent months researching all the latest information on thousands of cam sites and organizing that by the types of uses. We will keep researching and adding more information about available sites in the hopes that we'll be your one-stop shop for all cam site comparisons.

If you find any information is out of date, or if you know of a hot cam site that we've missed, please let us know so we can add it.

Also, we rely heavily on your opinions and ratings of the services you love (or hate). If you have used a service, we invite you to submit your rating.

How We Ensure Rating Fairness

We want our ratings to be as true and fair as possible. To ensure that, we're always on the lookout for Spam. Which means that when you or anyone else submits a review, it won't appear immediately. We're not only running all these reviews through the best software Spam filters we can find; an actual human reads them to be sure the account isn't run by a spammer who's trying to trick you into signing up for a poor quality cam site. Yeah, it's a ton of work, but if we are sure a reviewer is submitting truthful comments, they'll get invited to add more.

We also have a whole bunch of mathematical and statistical tools to make sure the most valuable ratings get pushed to the top. Not be too nerdy, but basically, we weigh all reviews on the helpfulness scores you give the ones you like or dislike.

We then tweak these helpfulness votes using what's called the Lower bound of Wilson score confidence interval. This means the proper value is given to votes, instead of just using a simple average. We adjust for the effect that some sites get tons more ratings than cam sites, so those with the lower total ratings don't artificially get higher scores valued than more deserving ones.

We also have further filters to ensure that those tricky spammers don't game the system and put their favorite sites higher than what real users truly think are best. We aren't going to detail those filters since we don't want spammers to cheat. But let's say we do things like giving reviewers a weight based on a bunch of factors that measure how much the do on the site, like how long they've been members, how often they vote on other reviews, the total comments they contribute and so on.

In the end, cam sites which provide great products at a great value, with the safest transactions should bubble to the top of the list for you to select from.

How We Make Money

Like most "free" sites on the web, we have to pay for servers and the team who does the huge amount of research about cam sites. That is paid for mostly from ads and some affiliate links. We try to put the ads where we think they are most relevant and try to avoid any pushy ones. We do our best to get affiliate links to every cam sites, so there's no reason for us to promote one above the other; we're totally happy regardless of which one you finally choose. We believe that by giving you what we honestly think is best, you will actually be more likely to sign up and use that site. Only then do we get the real affiliate benefits, which means that our goals and yours are in line. Finally, if we are promoting a sponsored product, we try to indicate it clearly.

How You Can Help Us

In addition to providing your reviews and ratings on the cam sites listed here, you can help by suggesting any ones you use which we are missing in the list. Or you can tell the site owners to claim their listings here so they can see the feedback and reviews, and (hopefully) improve their sites! Plus, when you join up our newsletter, we provide you with useful tips and tricks to find the best deals on cam sites. You can also contact us at any time with suggestions and feedback; we'd love to hear from you!

Get In Touch

You can contact us by sending an email to info@webcamsitesonline.com.