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Basic Account Opening

Account Requires Credit Card? Yes
Account Name ILIVE.COM Free Account

Performance Credits Information

Credits Required For Shows? Yes
Bonus Given For Credit Purchase? No
Type of Credits Gold
Primary Billing Currency USD
All Accepted Currencies USD, EUR, GBP, CAD
Credit Purchase Benefits 1 GOLD = 1 unit of currency at ILIVE.COM
Credit Purchase Special Offers & Promotions ILIVE.COM does not provide credit purchase bonuses.
Payment Methods Visa, MasterCard, JCB

Basic Site Features

Site Extra Features Photos
Extra Feature Pre-Requisites Free Access
Show Calendar URL

Primary Membership Plan Details

Membership Plan Name ILIVE.COM Premium Membership
Membership Plan Requires Credit Card On File
Minimum Signup Term Not available
Minimum Signup Term Price Not available
Medium Signup Term Not available
Medium Signup Term Price Not available
Longest Signup Term Not available
Longest Signup Term Price Not available
Membership Plan Benefits ILIVE.COM Benefits: Free premium memberships by having a credit card on file are always available, which enhances your site experience. With a premium membership you will be able to chat with any performer and have other benefits such as: Going into private sessions with performers, Rating performers, Emailing performers, Adding performers as favorites, Receiving alerts when your favorite performers are online.
Membership Special Offers Not Specified

Models & Performers

Supported Interaction Languages English (EN), German (DE), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Italian (IT), Dutch (NL), Portuguese (PT), Swedish (SV)
Average # of Models Online Unknown

Customer Support

Customer Support Phone 1-866-941-3982
Support Email Address
Customer Support Page URL

Special Performer Show Details

Special Performer Shows Offered Yes
Special Show Details ILIVE.COM Premium Chat (Private show / Per Minute): In premium chat other members may also be in the chat room with you. You can control if other members can see your chat by using the visibility button. | ILIVE.COM Exclusive Chat (Exclusive private show / Per Minute): In an exclusive chat session only you and the performer are in the chat room. | ILIVE.COM Party Chat (Free Nude Show / Per Minute): Party Chat rooms show other member's chat text in addition to yours and the performer's. There is a member list available that displays everyone in the room with you. If you prefer to remain anonymous in Party Chat, click the "eye" icon in your chat bar. | ILIVE.COM Gold Show (Goal show / One Time Fee): GOLD Shows are "group" private shows in which the performer explains what will happen for a specified duration of time if they raise the total amount requested in GOLD pledges. Your pledge cannot be rescinded; if you pledge and the performance takes place, you will be billed the amount of GOLD that you pledged. If for any reason the performer cancels the performance prior to starting the GOLD Show or during it, you will not be billed. | ILIVE.COM Discounted Block Sessions (Promotion / Per Minute): Try our new block-session-purchase! You can now book a block of time with this performer at the following discounted rates:15 minutes: 5% off 30 minutes: 10% off 45 minutes: 15% off 60 minutes: 20% off Once you select the time block of your choice and submit your request, if the performer is available and agrees to the time block, your session will begin right away. The purchased time must be taken all at once.
Lowest Show Price 1.15 Credits Per Minute
Highest Show Price 9.36 Credits Per Minute

Additional Information

Product Description ILIVE.COM Reviews: Read the latest ILIVE.COM user ratings to find out if ILIVE.COM is a scam or legit.
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